Wireless Headphones Vs. Wired Headphones | Are Wireless headphones Worth It? | Forflies | Sami Loyal

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Wireless headphones ditch the wires from wired headphones, but does that make them worth it? Today I’ll be answering the question of if wireless headphones like the Corsair Void Special Edition are good, and if they’re worth buying. This is a bit of a tough one but looking at wired headphones, I feel like it might just be time to move on.

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Wireless Headphones Vs. Wired Headphones | Are Wireless headphones Worth It? | Forflies | Sami Loyal

23 thoughts on “Wireless Headphones Vs. Wired Headphones | Are Wireless headphones Worth It? | Forflies | Sami Loyal”

  1. Good wireless headphones seem like a less expensive investment when I consider how many wired headphones I've had to replace every year. The tangles, getting the cable cought on door handles, the loss of audio in one side…don't miss any of that at all.

  2. im wondering if bluetooth mode is louder on other devices like my akg y45bt headset compared to in wired mode. i have audio technica m40x in my phone and it sounds low and the akg ones dont. im thinking of getting a new pair of headphones and maybe portable amplifier for smart phone. any suggestions please?

  3. Wired headphones are superior because:
    1. They have better sound quality
    2. They actually work on just about all devices. Modern iphones are an exception (good thing I use Samsung). But wireless headphones only work on bluetooth devices. There are many devices, mostly portable consoles (eg Nintendo Switch) that will always have a perfectly good headphone jack, but not bluetooth. So no wireless headphones will work on these things.
    3. Wired headphones are more instantaneous. All you have to do is plug the wire into the headphone jack of your phone, and bam. You can start listening straight away. Where as with wireless, you need to go to bluetooth and connect it. It's just faster with wired.
    4. Wired headphones are cheaper, and a better deal. A pair of wireless headphones will be more expensive than a pair of wired headphones that have the same sound quality. And spending the extre money on wireless headphones is needless, due to all these drawbacks.
    5. Wireless headphones can sometimes be out of sync with the picture display on the device being used. Watching a video is just much better with wired headphones.
    6. Wireless headphones can run out of battery. So not only can your phone run out of battery. You have another battery life to worry about! But not with wired headphones.

    I hope they never stop making wired headphones.

  4. So I got some Sony extra bass headset for 149 and the sound is great. But I noticed there's a .25 to .50 second lag in sound. And y'all know that .25 seconds is the difference between life and death.

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