Worlds Smallest Gaming PC?

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today's video was sponsored by Kingston's MobileLite Wireless g2 wireless media reader hey friends and family glad to see you guys back here once again the Tecna morrow youtube channel i milk your host and today we're going to be taking a look at something very interesting for the people over at gigabyte this is the new gigabyte Brix Pro so what is the Brix Pro well basically it's a nook on steroids now this thing's not quite a gaming machine I mean it'll play games like wow and stuff like that ok dota 2 it'll play games like that any of the extreme first-person games it gets too hot does it really game but if you're looking for a media computer and you want something really small compact and powerful and something that can slap just right in the back of your TV I think this is something that you're going to want to be looking for so with that said let's jump in and let's check out the Brix pro by gigabyte the bundle in the gigabytes Brix Pro box contains the manual it also includes a metal plate from my into the back of your TV to a wall includes the power cable the power brick and the unit itself and last but not least the driver CD now as far as the specs go let's start out by taking a look at the outside of the unit and how big it is now this thing sizes in at 62 by 111 by 4 by 114 by 4 millimeters which translates into two point four by four point three by four point five inches the motherboard size in at 100 by 105 millimeters and it's considered to be an ultra compact PC form factor the CPU running the Brix Pro is the Intel i7 4770k or CPU running at 3.9 gigahertz which is pretty impressive for such a small little unit and the graphics are provided by the Intel iris pro 5200 graphics chip which is embedded into the CPU as far as the memory goes you get two sodium's slots which can support up to 16 gigabytes of 1333 or 1600 megahertz ddr3 memory for surfing internet and getting all that important information LAN is provided by the gigabyte Lam the realtek RTL 8 8 1 1g chipset audio is provided by the realtek ALC 269 chipset as far as internal expansion goes you get a single M SATA slot a half-size mini PCI slot which is currently occupied by the Wi-Fi Bluetooth card and a single SATA slot forget up to your monitor there are two types of connections there's the HDMI and the main display port the HDMI has a maximum resolution of 4096 by 23:04 at 24 Hertz the main display port supports resolutions up to 3840 by 2160 at 60 hertz so that's what's on the inside so what do we get on the outside well we'll start out in the back first you can see there are two USB 3.0 ports the LAN port the main display port the HDMI port and finally the power connection on the front there are two USB 3.0 ports and a single spit of connector for your audio now when the gigabyte Brix Pro ships out to you it ships as a barebone unit which means you have to add a few parts unit to make it go you have to have the OS we use Windows 8.1 you have to use either an MSA 2 or SSD or regular 2.5 inch hard drive we use a 240 gigabyte 530 SSD from Intel now as far as the memory goes that obvious takes up to 16 gigabytes of so-dimm ddr3 we used 8 gigabytes of kingston ddr3 memory alright folks so those are all the specs now you guys can see though this thing is so ultimately tiny I mean it's literally smaller than my hand and is about as thick as both of my hands put together so it's actually a very very small unit so with that said then now let's rock out to the benchmark song and check out how it does all right folks so there you guys have it the Brix Pro now obviously for any kind of intense hardcore gaming this thing's not going to handle it at all for playing dota 2 and original sin stuff like that it does okay you guys can see it's bopping over 30 frames per second so that's not bad at all but for media streaming thing hey this thing is really really cool now before we finish up the video I just want a real quick of a special shout out to Kingston for making this video possible so now let's check out the MobileLite g2 the MobileLite g2 is a very interesting product you can not only stream media you can extend your storage charge your smartphones read media and stay connected to the Ethernet – it's included Ethernet port the card reader supports SD SDHC SDXC and micro SD SDHC SDXC cards and USB flash drives everything you need to get started except for your actual media is included in the box alright folks so there you have it everything about the new gigabyte Brix pearl like I said this thing is not geared for hardcore gaming but for media streaming thing this thing is pretty damn cool now obviously because it's so small it is pretty priced this thing's about $600 now I know a lot of people are going to want to leave their comment below going oh screw that I can build a PC for better than that yeah I'm sure that you can but now answer this glass sleep can you build a PC this small because if you can't seriously shut up like because like I know you can build a giant Tower for cheaper but when you can build a system that's this tiny then that's saying something like I said earlier in the video the parts that we use inside of this we use a 240 gigabyte intel SSD the 530 series and we also used 8 gigabytes of Kingston so-dimm memory so I'm Eric thanks for watching tech of tomorrow all this information will be down there below like button all the equipment that we use this video spend a lot of people out there ask what did you guys use to make this video we'll have all of that down to the like button I hope you guys like this video so hit that like button while you're down there and show us that we're appreciated I'm Eric thanks for watching Tector tomorrow if you're not subpage you know what to do see ya I have you

Worlds Smallest Gaming PC?

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  1. u idiot u say taht pc is week mine is just 2ghz amd the old i dont know version and my pc is shit anfd can run freaking gta 5 at 30 frames ant low seting and u say this is shit pc ?? ?? ADS?A
    waht an noob dowsnt know goot pc and h has one in his hand im raging u stiupeed bastartdd !

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