Xiaomi Mi VR Headset | Unboxing

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So today we checkout the new Xiaomi Mi VR Headset and experience something new…
What I Recommend: Baofeng VR S1: $50
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The phone it self is actually really really nice, there is an unboxing video on my other channel that you can check out link below.

The headset on the other hand has a really good new type of strap that we have not seen before, at least in this style

The only biggest thing that was holding it back was the nose room

Where To Order:
Mi VR: [Coupon: XMVRW] – $65.66
Mi 5 White: [Coupon: Mi5SGS] – $222.99
Mi 5 Black: [Coupon: ROTHQ] – $399.99

**If you are getting it for the Mi VR Headset, make sure you get the one with MIUI 8 installed**

Design: Cool/Good
Comfort: Broken ( Nose Room )
Weight: Pretty Light
Mounting: Good
Strap: Good
Nose Room: Bad
Lens: Pretty sharp 45mm
FOV: Large
Software: Cant Say Yet


Xiaomi Mi 5 Phone Unboxing [Life Kommando]


So why was I not able to upgrade?
Apparently after lots of research, there are Xiaomi phones that are shipped with modified custom roms (OS) to work in English speaking countries. So if you do end up wanting to buy a Xiaomi Mi phone, make sure you are getting the MIUI 8 variant 🙂

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he has gone garand welcome back to another video when today we're going to be unboxing and checking out the Xiaomi me VR headset along with the Xiaomi song now before we get started this video was supposed to be out last weekend but unfortunately my microphone broke and I ordered a different one and that one is done it just horrible it did not work out for the setup I'm using right now so I returned it and ordered another one that came the next day which is the one that we are currently using right now audio quality is very important to me so it kind of ruined my whole weekend when my mic broke but now we have a new one so let's get on with the unboxing so here is the headset itself finally shall we came out with a very sleek looking headset yeah check it out oh no how it is but anyways let's get on the unboxing so here's the front the back beside the other side the top and the bottom alright I should really get it better unboxing nice thing is getting dull from all the tapes have no fear I got another one that's awful dull good job commander now you may think this box is pretty heavy but actually is pretty damn blank ok pretty cool so we got some really nice padding check that out pre leveled pretty interesting never fail to impress with the unpacking experience and let's take out the headset alright umm so we get a microfiber cloth nope it's an instruction manual we'll take a look at in just a bit get the controller and that seems to be about it wow that was quick let's take a look at this here's the controller and that seems to be a sticker that leave some residue right over here that's fine all right so here's the controller okay so we got back and home I believe and then directional touchpad over here check on the back we have a sliding door with some preinstalled Xiaomi batteries and you got a focus thing to activate it it actually feels really comfortable in fact very workable so we can definitely use this while you're blindfolded that's it on two simple buttons directional buttons and that since this part really gets in there in your palm and it feels really nice so let's see what we have here we got a instruction manual lettuce all in Chinese now one thing is about this headset is we never actually got information about with it being used for the Western market but anyways can understand that insert yapping UPS we know that do we have any QR codes for anything nope it's nothing like we have any links or QR code for the app taking down on the phone let's take a look at this thing so it's pretty light I gotta say it's pretty like the foaming here is really deep but anyways let's start with the front so we got a plastic piece that comes out like so we got a QR codes I think that is what we're looking for right here yep we're going to set that up in just a bit take a closer look here we got a release button just like that we got sticker that's telling you to release it in Chinese which we do not understand or we can read which also seems to leave some residue and on the other side there is another clip that currently adjust according to you what phone you have some more clips around here and rubber pieces all around and the lens is pretty small but we'll see how they are on the side it says me virtual reality and other side there is nothing and we have on top here is a focus adjustment dial s and C and then a button physical button for selecting or quick selecting or whatnot other BOM seems to be a decently large nose room area and we can all pretty much agree on that we are pretty much sick of small nose room and then moving on to the science we got a rubber gasket which is really nice to see it is stiff not too not too flexible but it's different up to stay on your face without causing any discomfort lots of ventilation all around very nice to see and then the padding now the padding here it almost feels like it's memory foam it actually is pretty nice feeling it feels really nice um a very nice blur almost like microfiber cloth not type that looks like this with the texture it is the velcroed so nice and washable stick these out that's what the lens of look like and doesn't seem like they are IPD adjustable there's a infrared sensor to detect when you have the headset on let's actually go back to the nose room and see what we have here so about 40 to 45 millimetres of width for the nose room the top padding here it's thick and it feels like it's going to suck up a lot of moisture out of your forehead which was better or worse we'll find out the back here check that padding out that looks amazing just look at that it's like your handle it's just really nice and thick this looks like that there's a stationary arm there's a joint okay so there is a sticker right here that tells you to push down here so there's a button right here and if you press that the headset will adjust accordingly very very cool all right so we get the controller we get the headset and we got the phone so let's power this baby up and see what it can do but first let's see if we can install the app and hopefully we don't have too much trouble doing so more Chinese let's try and translate it please Google do a good job okay so right now is telling us that the we need a minimum requirement system from the phones listed here um one thing that's concerning me is the OS version right now is telling me that I need me UI eight which currently I have me UI seven and when I click update it cannot find any updates whatsoever hopefully we can do something here doesn't seem like it this is not good guys so I guess I'll be back in a bitch maybe in a few hours it's like trying to walk right now so let me have our computer so we're going to update it and I'll see you guys in just a sec alright so I spent an hour and a half trying to do the update first of all the e Bolton program failed to update and then I tried the peak software to try to update it which also failed tells me to up the device in order to update it which is backwards and then I try to flash manually through fastboot dead network so now I requested a code to unlock the bootloader so I can manually do whatever I want on the device um so thing is apparently there so apparently on the market right now there are two versions of the me fine there's the me u i7 and there's the u i8 so if you guys are ever want to bind the me v phone make sure you get to me UI H and not the seven because you're not going to have a fun time if you want to upgrade later on so and then I spent another half an hour playing around with it using Google cardboard and that's why this mouse is here this is actually a deal of connectivity mouse which can connect with USB dongle or through bluetooth which I have connected through bluetooth to the phone here to make the virtual quick so I tested this as a Google cardboard just to see the screen quality the comfort and the lens quality flash fov so first of all let me show you guys how this pop stand first you got these two things alright so initially if you have a me five plus which is the larger phone this thing will be all the way to the back but if you have a me five like I do which is a five point one screen you push this to the front where it will snap and then you take your phone and you attach it to the USB type-c and pull this back a bit and there you go now you're clipped in perfectly and then you launch the me VR app or whatever on how it works but let's talk about comfort here first of all a strap mechanism is really really interesting it's actually pretty damn good only if nose room did not get in the way let me explain you see this it gets very tight and the nice part about it is it flexes so when you put on your head you can have this go back this way and give you a downward force to clamp on your head so for the main clamping force is going to be on the back rear here where all this nice padding is and over here but one major flaw here is the nose room once again not damn it guys can someone please make me a proper nose room okay but but seriously why do we still have nose room problems the problem with this one is this piece right here gets in the way there's a face set and then there's this other rubber piece right here now it looks all fine and dandy until you put it on with the strap which causes lots and lots of pressure on your nose to get shoved in there into this narrow area so there's a lot of pressure going on your nose and it's totally uncomfortable especially when your nose is being clamped and that's not so on because you cannot breathe and it just feels just feels horrible next the lens is so as you see the lenses are pretty small arm the quality actually is pretty damn good d they are very clear very sharp and the SOB at this point I don't know what you'd call it will be because right now although you don't see any edges you do see the binocular effect which is the lens here so the lenses are actually pretty good which is really nice to see compared to the other me headset that they release before um and that is pretty much it it is kind of a disappointing guys um I was expecting more from Xiaomi especially with the software I thought they'd get but apparently not on the matching mechanism is pretty cool the focus adjustments pretty nice this graph slash marking system here it's actually really innovative really interesting pretty damn comfortable except for the nose room which just breaks everything again it's expanded like so where you could do and the lenses are pretty sharp so things I would like to see improved on this thing first of all fix our software this is unacceptable next the nose room make it wider make it bigger make sure the users knows it's not having any pressure applied to it when the headset is mounted or just your pressure L nothing there shouldn't be any weight on your nose if any very light and a very comfortable matter less well that's squishing the users nose next up the lenses would be 90 P has been a bit bigger maybe some focus adjustments and on FLE these four things or three things would make this headset a really nice headset so just to recap fix the software fix and make the lungs bigger and that's it and while things together wondering this connects group bluetooth and yeah that is pretty much it guys um again quite disappointing but do not worry we're going to be unboxing this thing next which is the magic cm1 Pro the same that's that we review before but now with a 1440p display so let's see how good that thing is going to be for movies also it ships with the new DB room software now actually been talking back and forth in the bureau about their new OS and give them a lot of feedback and user feedback from you guys since I uploaded the first video by the magic sea headset and the features they told me they're going to be on the new OS sound really good so hopefully we see it on this headset right here but anyways guys stay tuned for this video this is going to be much more exciting than this unfortunate headset over here are we making another updated video about this thing once I update the phone manually but anyways guys stay tuned for this video thank again for watching hope you have enjoyed this video and found it helpful if you did hit that like button and subscribe for more content like this and i'll see you guys in the next video check around you

Xiaomi Mi VR Headset | Unboxing

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  1. Update:
    – I was able to easily install MIUI8 after understanding what needs to be done
    – Currently testing and running the MI headset with its original software, OS, and hardware
    – An updated review video will be worked on, lots of interesting stuff to say

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  3. Hi. Great video, helped me a lot. Now a (maybe not so) silly question: how is audio connected with this headset? Is there space to pllug in your jack connector cable or you need to use bluetooth?

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